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Proceeds go to our First Responders, K9 Unit, Humane Society and

La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center.

Hollywood Is Coming To San Gabriel!


Our Beneficiaries

We are honored to give back to the community of San Gabriel, the families and businesses who were hit hard the last several years. Many of these businesses continued to serve through these challenging times yet are still struggling to remain open for their communities.  At this event, we are also very proud to have the chance to honor our First Responders and Veterans.  Your gifts in kind donations are helping the following organizations.

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EDY AND BENTLEY K9 UNIT Currently we only have two canine teams Bentley and Edy. Join our mission to support and keep these courageous K-9 Officers safe. Your donations help provide supplies, equipment, medical bills and more canine teams. 

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SAN GABRIEL POLICE Emergency responders have been on the front lines, working tirelessly 24-7 to serve and protect, doing their best to keep us all safe. However, there's much more work to do.  While their primary focus is keeping our community safe, they continually strive to ensure those in need can find food and shelter or can gain access to much needed health care. 

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SAN GABRIEL FIRE DEPARTMENT They provide fire protection and emergency response services to the community with a mission to prevent the loss of life and property. In addition to responding to call for fire suppression, San Gabriel Fire Dept. responds to medical emergencies, incidents involving hazardous materials, rescue calls and motor vehicle and other accidents. They are in dire need of acquiring their own vehicles and emergency equipment. 

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HUMANE SOCIETY  You can help them save animals in the San Gabriel Valley today. Your donations will help them provide temporary shelter, nourishment and medical care for animals currently in need of a forever home. Their private shelter is in need of major renovations and refurbishment. 

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LA CASA SAN GABRIEL COMMUNITY CENTER Relies on financial support from the community.  They provide emergency assistance, food, education for our youth and adults, clothing and housing to our community.

Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures

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"There are some who do not fear death, for they are afraid of not really living".

The Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures founded in 1961 is comprised of highly trained, highly skilled professional stunt performers, filmmakers, stunt coordinators and stuntmen who changed and continue to change television and movie history. These professionals put their lives on the line every day to bring us world-class entertainment while making famous faces look great. Now, we are giving back and doing Stunts for Fun, to help people in need due to COVID19.  We are honored to give back to the community of San Gabriel, the children and families and organizations that service San Gabriel having the most impact in the community.

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