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Rides in A Stunt Car 

Start at 11am

This is your chance to do something like never before!  

Go for a ride in a real Hollywood stunt car with Fast and Furious stuntman, race car driver and engine builder Sammy Maloof!

Controlled Fire Burn! 

12pm and 4pm

Have you ever wondered how stuntmen get lit on fire and don't get hurt?  Now you can find out....

High Falls! - All Day w/Demo at

2pm and 5pm (70')

So, are you afraid of heights?.....or would you like to put that fear to rest? Now you can!

"Globe of Death"

Watch Hollywood Stuntman Monte Perlin ride his motorcycle through and amazing "Globe of Death"!

Two Wheeling

Hollywood Stuntman Danny Downey will drive a car on two wheels!!!

James "Dragonmaster" Lew

James "Dragonmaster" Lew

Martial Arts

Take a lesson on how to be a "Movie Fighting Star" by the world class Master himself,

James "Dragonmaster" Lew

Action Packed Event!


Take a photo with a world famous stuntman and get it signed.  If you want to get wet, perhaps the dunk tank is where it's at.  

Zip Line: Available rides for kids of all ages, operating all day!

Music, food and fun for everyone!!!

Mike Ryan Police Car Crash

Event Details

Time:     10AM - 5PM

Date:      September 11, 2022


843 Commercial Avenue San Gabriel, CA 91776

Activities Include:

Stunt Demonstrations                    

Martial Arts

Rides in a Stunt Car

Controlled Fire Burns

Two Wheeling

High Fall Booth

Globe of Death 

Zip Line

And So Much More!!!                                  

Music, Food Trucks, Merchandise, Photo Ops. with Professional Stuntmen, Autograph Signings, Vendors and Sponsors.

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